But I'm A Cat Person - Art Collection 2011-2020

Erin Ptah
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The Collection

But I'm A Cat Person is a millennial comedy/adventure webcomic, launched in 2011 and completed in 2020.

Over that time, it's built up a huge catalog of bonus illustrations, cover images, book sketches, and other ancillary art. Way more than I’d realistically be able to get into print -- even in the extra-large BICP Master's Edition. (Ebook version available now!)

But if I make an all-digital art collection? With no limits on size or length, there's nothing to stop me from including all my favorite illustrations from every year the comic ran, and making them gloriously full-size as often as I want.

So I did.

The result is over 100 double-width pages of art from the past most-of-a-decade. Use it as a supplement to your printed copies of BICP, or buy it as a standalone ebook and just enjoy the pictures.

The Cause

All proceeds from the sale of this collection are donated to the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund. (One of the many, many organizations doing important work right now.)

The price is pay-what-you-can. If money is tight these days, go ahead and get the whole collection for as little as $1. If you're prepared to pay the usual retail price, take it for $5. If you can afford to give more, support the cause by setting the price as high as you like.

I want this!

BICP Digital Artbook

PDF ebook
108 pages
627 MB
Proceeds benefit
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund


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But I'm A Cat Person - Art Collection 2011-2020

1 rating
I want this!