Leif & Thorn Volume 4: Blazing Stars (PDF)

Erin Ptah
8 ratings

Digital fourth omnibus of the magical cross-cultural fantasy comedy.

It's been years since Thorn killed the dragon, but the effects are still around. The burn scars didn't all heal. Bad magical weather can set off his PTSD. His team of (surviving) knights just got a new magical girl...and she has fire powers, which seems like a bad fit? 

On the plus side: the Kolpovision Song Contest is almost here! 

Leif's home country doesn't even do Kolpovision. But as Thorn's "it's complicated", he's studying so he can fit in at Thorn's big party. It's a good thing music is the universal language, because he doesn't share any others with most of the guest list.

Also invited: Kale, the ex-dark magical boy turned government asset. (Thorn met him in a therapist's waiting room.) He hasn't had a normal friendship since...well, ever. But for Thorn, he's doing his best.

None of the other guests - especially Leif('s government) - can find out about Kale's supervillain backstory. Should be easy to manage. As long as none of the survivors track him down and crash the party...

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8 ratings
  • Publisher
    Reseda Comics (November 2021)
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  • And our 12 points go to...
    Ja Ja Ding Dong
  • PublisherReseda Comics (November 2021)
  • LanguageEnglish
  • ISBN-13978-1-955439-04-6
  • And our 12 points go to...Ja Ja Ding Dong


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Leif & Thorn Volume 4: Blazing Stars (PDF)

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