Leif & Thorn Volume 5: Snow Drops (PDF)

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Leif & Thorn Volume 5: Snow Drops (PDF)

Erin Ptah
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After four volumes' worth of adventures, Thorn and Leif are finally kinda-sorta together! Took them long enough.

But there's a lot that Thorn, as a knight of Ceannis kinda-sorta-dating a foreign national, can't talk about. Like why, exactly, that party from the last volume devolved into a mess of magical mind-control, attempted murder, and near-miss national-security breaches.

There's also plenty that Leif still can't (or won't?) discuss with Thorn. How he came to "belong to" his country's Embassy. What he really thinks about vampires. How management treats him, and his fellow servants, when nobody's watching.

Maybe some flashbacks to the early years of Leif's servitude will help. Specifically, to the winter he was still living in his native Sønheim when the country was swept with an outbreak of a novel virus. A couple of vampire aristocrats find themselves scrambling to get new servants, as the ones they have keep inconveniently dying...

A sparkly bilingual fantasy dramedy for teens & up.

I want this!
Reseda Comics (December 2022)
295 MB
192 pages
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